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Domaine de l'Adoux***


Perfect Fit For Groups


Group Bliss in the Enchanting Southern Alps!

Welcome to Domaine de l'Adoux***, your perfect retreat in the captivating Southern Alps, just a stone's throw away from the stunning Serre-Ponçon lake. If you are seeking an unforgettable experience for your cycling, hiking, motor biking, or tourist groups, look no further. Our enchanting hotel is nestled in the heart of the picturesque Vallée de la Blanche, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Southern Alps and embraced by the wonders of the UNESCO Geopark of Haute Provence. Set within a sprawling 6-hectare pine forest, our mountain haven offers an idyllic setting for your group's adventures. Whether you're cyclists seeking thrilling trails, hikers eager to explore scenic paths, bikers in search of beautiful sceneries, or tourists yearning to discover the region's hidden treasures, our hotel has been thoughtfully designed to cater to all your aspirations. Our dedicated staff and expert guides are here to ensure your group feels welcome and well-cared-for during your stay. Prepare to be mesmerized by the natural beauty that surrounds us and embark on a journey of unforgettable experiences. At Domaine de l'Adoux***, your group will find a perfect blend of invigorating activities and heartfelt hospitality. Welcome to our cherished retreat, where lifelong memories await your group amidst the splendor of the Southern Alps and Serre-Ponçon lake.


Motor groups


Tourist circuit


Greetings, cycling enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey on two wheels. Whether you're drawn to challenging climbs, picturesque descents, or simply the joy of the open road, we have an adventure that's tailor-made for you. Feel the rhythm of your pedals and let the wind guide you through a landscape of awe-inspiring beauty and exhilarating routes. And if you're curious about what this cycling experience entails, take a look at the three-day program below. Let's pedal our way to unforgettable memories!


Hello, fellow hikers and nature enthusiasts! Lace up your boots and get ready for an incredible journey on foot. Whether you're seeking rugged trails, serene paths, or the simple pleasure of being immersed in the great outdoors, we have an adventure that's perfect for you. Let the rhythm of your steps connect you with the beauty of the landscape and the tranquility of the wilderness. Curious about what this hiking experience entails? Check out the three-day itinerary below. Let's set off on a path to create unforgettable memories in nature!


The hotel Features

Greetings, fellow motorbike enthusiasts! Get ready to rev up your engines and hit the road on an exhilarating adventure. Whether you're in pursuit of winding roads, breathtaking vistas, or the freedom of the open highway, we have a journey that's tailored to your love of the ride. Feel the thrill of the throttle and let the wind guide you through a landscape of stunning scenery and exciting routes. Curious about what this motorbiking experience has in store? Take a look at the three-day itinerary below. Let's cruise our way to unforgettable memories on the road!

Tourist Circuit

The hotel Features

Hello, curious travelers and explorers! Get ready to embark on a remarkable journey of discovery. Whether you're drawn to cultural treasures, natural wonders, or the joy of experiencing new places, we have an adventure that's designed just for you. Let the excitement of the unknown guide you through a tapestry of diverse experiences and captivating destinations. Interested in what this tourist experience entails? Check out the three-day itinerary below. Let's set off on a voyage to create unforgettable memories together!