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La Table de l'Adoux***


Fine dining experience


Our passion for food

Our restaurant is all about conviviality, warmth and a delicious culinary experience. Discover the unique flavours of our local dishes, as well as classic Belgian favourites and some world dishes. Our carefully crafted menu is inspired by the beautiful region and prepared with love and attention. Peter, a former international consultant, brings his culinary experience from all over the world to your plate and adds a modern twist to our carefully selected dishes. For lovers of local dishes, we offer a range of tasty options. Sample artisanal cheeses from the local cooperative and enjoy delicious meats during a traditional fondue, raclette or local Boîte chaude. Whether you opt for an à la carte experience or the half-board package as a hotel guest with a varied daily menu, we ensure that every meal is a culinary adventure. With us, hospitality is key and we strive to make every guest feel at home. Our warm and cosy ambiance is the perfect setting for a get-together with friends and family. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner for two, a festive occasion with a group or a relaxed lunch, we will ensure that your experience is unforgettable. Our friendly and attentive staff will welcome you with a smile and guide you through your culinary journey. We listen to your wishes and offer advice on the perfect wine-food combinations to delight your taste buds.

Belgian beer

and more

Cosy Lounge

The setting

The menu

Ravioli 5 Cheese:

Delicate pasta parcels filled with a flavorful blend of five cheeses.


Tender beef slices topped with fresh rocket leaves and a sprinkle of Parmesan.

Smoked Trout Toast:

A delightful combination of smoked trout, creamy chive lemon spread, and refreshing cucumber on crisp bread.

Salade Garnie "Dormillouse":

A harmonious blend of Tourton pastry, savory ham, fresh greens, gray cheese, and crunchy walnuts.

Salade Garnie with Warm Goat Cheese Toast:

Warm goat cheese, balsamic honey dressing, and crunchy walnuts create a delicious medley of flavors.

Salade Garnie Végé:

A refreshing mix of feta cheese, crisp cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes, and plump black olives.

The setting

Welcome to our delightful restaurant, nestled in the captivating Southern Alps, just a stone's throw away from the stunning Serre-Ponçon lake. Experience the idyllic Domaine de L'Adoux ***, situated in the heart of the enchanting Vallée de la Blanche, surrounded by the breathtaking Southern Alps. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the UNESCO Geopark of Haute Provence, where our mountain haven awaits you within a sprawling 6-hectare pine forest.

Beer, wine and more

The hotel Features

Jupiler NA:

A non-alcoholic beer that offers a refreshing and healthy option.

Stella Pilsner de Luxe:

A traditional pilsner with a balanced profile of floral and herbal hops, subtle maltiness, and a touch of bitterness.


A rich and fruity beer with caramel notes, offering a round and satisfying taste.

Chouffe Soleil:

A refreshing and fruity beer with hints of mandarin and lime, enhanced by a touch of vanilla.

Lindemans Kriek:

A refreshing cherry beer with a harmonious blend of cherry flavor, balanced acidity, and subtle sweetness.

Geuze à base de Lambic:

A spontaneously fermented beer with citrusy and woody notes, offering a complex and enjoyable drinking experience.

Sint Bernardus Blanche:

An attractive golden white beer with a cloudy appearance, creating an authentic and enticing visual appeal.

Vedett IPA:

A slightly amber beer with citrusy undertones and a white foamy head.

Duchesse de Bourgogne:

A favorite refreshing beer with a red-brown hue, fruity and sour profile, aged and fermented in oak barrels for 18 months.

Brugse Zot:

An easy-drinking beer with a balanced combination of fruity and spicy flavors.

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